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Role(s): UX / Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Sospiro App is a quick, convenient tool to help users translate through scanning, doodling, speaking and searching.

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IMPACT: A Foresight Game

The IMPACT card game introduces its players to problem solving in a future scenario and explore the impact of technology. The primary goal of the game is to have players role-play as a person in their future scenario to create solutions through empathy and critical thinking.

This game was used to escape the familiar world we live in and discover potential outlooks around obstacles for a better future.


With my team, I created a hypothetical future where our solution will take place at the Stratford Public Library using the IMPACT card game.

"What problems would a person living in Stratford, Ontario face in 2068?"

Chosen Impact Cards (6/6)

Earth is reset to pre-industrial conditions
Economic System
Money expires after one year
Work Conditions
Emotional labor is held at a premium
Diagnoses are crowd sourced
Personal Communication
Language between generations is mutually unintelligible
Identification and Learning
Produced by the Government

User Research

TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator (for presenting data)
SKILLS: Collecting raw data

To understand the demographic of where our solution will take place, my team split up and I would inspect the library during different times of the day and weekday.

I created an infographic recording their age group, where they are located and their duration in the library during a Tuesday morning.

Infographic showing the overview of the library of the library and duration of each visitor from Tuesday 11:20 AM - 1 PM
Infographic showing the overview of the library and duration of each visitor from Tuesday 11:20 AM - 1PM

Gathered Data:

  • 50% of the library are the elderly
  • 30% of the library are students
  • Elderly can navigate computers but lack personal computer/printer
  • Elderly females stay for a whole shift
  • Elderly males quickly use the computer stations
In-depth view of each library section, the demographic visiting the library and their duration
In-depth view of each library section, the demographic visiting the library and their duration

World Building

"Youths from all different cultures quickly adapt to several different languages to communicate [...]"

In this future, the government has chosen to crack down on two things: economic instability and climate change.

In order to control both these issues, they have established a yearly universal income with everyone over 18 years old getting $40,000. The economic theory that stable economies create unstable economies keeps every cycle moving incredibly quickly; fluctuating between recession and peak to not have significant effects.

Stratford has been reset to pre-industrial environmental conditions, however this was not cost effective and unsustainable and regulations were enforced on how much pollution can be produced and how how much waste each household is allowed to produce as a few examples. Due to medical progress, emotional labor is recognized to be just as important as medical staff and adequate medicine and treatment. The government is unable to monitor individual well being so communities gather together to diagnose and crowd source medical treatments to improve speed of recovery for ill patients.

Stratford by 2068 is recognized as a reputable city with abundant resources and attracts many immigrants to create a better future for their family. Existing ESL and other language programs were not able to account for this influx of people, but people still needed to be able to communicate. Youths from all different cultures quickly adapt to several different languages to communicate, however, their parents (whether they were born in their current country or not) were less needing to communicate with each other so only speak their original languages.

Meet Anna

Age: 51
Relationship with technology: Fairly experienced yet not intuitive
Family: Married
Occupation: Cheese monger
Motivations: Improving her business
Interests: TV, reading, gourmet food

Anna navigates through her life not being afraid to say what she thinks and doesn't like to waste her time. Her cheese monger business is stable in the busy town of Stratford however Anna wonders who will carry on her business once she retires.

As an aunt of 8 nieces and nephews, she often spends time trying to connect with them through Sunday church choir sessions. Anna is struggling to adapt to the ever changing environment and is irritated about language barriers that the youth is picking up.

The Solution: For Who?

Avatar of user persona, Anna
"I don't understand small talk- make it big or go home."

Mobile App Functions

1. Scan

Scan object with a phone camera and have a quick translation

  • PRO: Fastest method to look something up in front of user
  • CON: Relies on objects in front of user and has large error margin

2. Sketch

Illustrate object in question and algorithm detects drawing

  • PRO: Recall object in memory or symbols to translate
  • CON: Simple drawings and poor drawings can confuse algorithm

3. Category Search

Search using the database and in-depth filters for word in question

  • PRO: Names, objects and ideas can be searched
  • CON: Slower method of translation and prone to typing errors

4. Location

Search database of objects likely to be found in current location

  • PRO: Optimal for studying vocabulary and practice
  • CON: Slowest method of looking up an item with lack of control
Cross section of Sospiro screens and their functions

User Journey

Sospiro App User journey

Illustrations + Icons

TOOLS: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
SKILLS: Icon Design, Illustrator

Background splash for the Sospiro App, 1st tutorial screen
Background splash for the Sospiro App, 2nd tutorial screen
Background splash for the Sospiro App, 3rd tutorial screen
Icons implemented in the app prototype


Sospiro Scan icon


Sospiro Category icon


Sospiro Sketch icon


Sospiro Location icon
Icons designed with a paper texture masked in simple, friendly shapes :)


TOOLS: Figma, InVision
SKILLS: Prototyping, User Testing

The team collaborated on Figma to create the app prototype and demonstrate its use to the Stratford School of Interactive Design and Business and having the project hosted on InVision for user testing.

Sospiro Prototype >


  • Intuitive and suitable for the elderly
  • Simple design doesn't require many permissions to use device which puts the user's privacy at ease


  • Design forces user to sign in right away before touching the service
  • Screens don't need scrolling and swiping gestures
  • The tutorial screen doesn't teach new users how to navigate
  • Inconsistencies with button links which may confuse users

In The Future...

  • Allow guest mode after giving context as to why account is needed such as making a personal dictionary
  • Have tour guides, allow skipping and reward user for following tutorial

I wanted to take a fresh look at the data and world building story I built to have another attempt at tackling this problem in the long run with the Sospiro Textbook. Check it out below!

Sospiro Textbook Case Study >

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