Role(s): UX + Graphic Designer

Príma helps artists find their ideal color palette, spend more time working on their next masterpiece and less time fighting with the software through a tap on the phone.

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Young or old, amateur or professional, an artist's most frustrating moments does not derive from a lack of ideas, rather it comes from an influx of too many unsatisfactory choices and concepts.

A tool is needed to help the artist stop fighting with the process of creating and let the best light shine on their masterpieces.

User Research

"Artists tend to spend more time fiddling with the filters and changing hues, tones, values and shades than actually creating art."

TOOLS: Facebook Group Poll
SKILLS: User Research, Surveying

The graph indicates an online survey collected in the Digital Artists Group on Facebook with well over 100 adults from 20 to 40 of all skill levels and genders. The poll's results are determined final after 12 hours since engagement tends to wear off around that time.

Gathered Data:

  • 65 artists struggle with drawing backgrounds, which may not be accurate because this was added by a user later during the survey
  • Anatomy is another difficult concept because most artists seem to draw living objects as the main focus such as humans or animals
  • Artists are shown to have more than one issue
  • The lesser concepts are not less important, rather they are encountered after "Backgrounds" and "Anatomy"

Meet Fatima

Age: 26
Relationship with technology: Fluent with Apple and Android devices, PC and MAC.
Family: 2nd child in a family of 6
Occupation: Sneaker designer
Motivations: Finding her voice and earning enough to move out
Interests: Shoe collecting, social media

As a sneaker designer, she mainly creates blueprints and concepts for independent street wear start ups but she struggles with making her work unique from the large market of artists online.

With a hiatus in the online world, Fatima seeks a new voice to express through her art through relaxing from work and exploring her surroundings, potentially a new color palette and style to freshen up her feed. Fatima is looking forward to her break from the online world and is packing up for soul searching in her own neighborhood.

The Solution: For Who?

"Sometimes, if we want to find more inspiration, we have to give our eyes a break and learn to smell, touch, hear, taste."


Mobile App

  • Accessibility since tool is in pocket
  • Offline or online use for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Take advantage of the camera and gallery


  • Palette tools already exist on web and mobile
  • Web color picking tools also exist
  • Phones may be a distraction from work rather than a catalyst


  • Easy to use, minimal set up to get working
  • Color detection from camera input
  • Custom sharing and uploading palettes
  • Provide tools to convert from digital colors in HSL, RGB, HEX to traditional pigment colors and mix ratios and vice versa
  • Have a randomizing function for indecisive people

1st Function: Palettes from camera
2nd Function: Convert colors web/paint
3rd Function: Interact with feed

User Journey

This user journey tracks the actions of those who want to use the app quickly and get what they want without any interruptions
This user journey tracks the actions of those who want to interact with others, post new palettes to the public or get access to their personal library of "prímas"


TOOLS: Adobe XD, Invision
SKILLS: UX/UI Design, Prototyping

Príma Prototype >


  • App requires no sign in and users can immediately use
  • The app has a clear identity which sets it apart from other apps
  • The app's function is favorable from the surveyors such as the video of user testing in this section


  • Font is too thin and header font is frustrating to read when bold
  • App screens are inconsistent which may confuse the elderly
  • Lacking visibility and background images add too much complexity
  • App is very slow, not optimal for users with older devices
  • Social media aspect is distracting to get job done quickly

In The Future...

  • Re-do the design for user persona and accessibility needs
  • Focus on picking colors and exporting colors in different codes
  • Remove social media to have users concentrate on quick task

I am very satisfied with the concept of this app however Príma needs huge changes before it can be released to the public to use.

User Testing

TOOLS: Adobe XD App, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro
SKILLS: User testing, video editing

User experience testing video walk through of functions with our tester. Due to the nature of the slow device, the app was unable to perform up to the user's standard

Design Branding

Príma comes from the latin term for "prime".

5 colors is a solid start for a directionless project: shadow, highlight, accent, cold and warm supporting tones. The appeal of five colors is that an odd number places an importance on the center color with 4 supporting colors to define tone and lighting.

Furthermore, each color is made from a combination of base colors and extrapolating their formula can make replicating and mixing these colors a dream that artists never knew they had.

Príma main colors for the logo and user interface

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