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Lil' Witch Games

Role(s): Environment Designer, Background Artist

Our studio's debut slasher horror visual novel game, The Truth Hurts follows our Korean Exchange students at an American college until a rampant killer finishes them off one by one.

The Truth Hurts Visual Novel

Painting Backgrounds

TOOLS: Adobe Photoshop, SketchUp
SKILLS: Painting, Photo-bashing, 3D Modding/Compositing

"Secrets will be revealed, limits tested, choices made, and blood will be spilled." - Mysterious Killer from The Truth Hurts Visual Novel
Gas station from the bonfire artwork with references for lighting and atmosphere built with the help of 3D models
Sketches of thumbnails and process in my separate journal dedicated for this project! :)

Vision and Theme

Usually in visual novels, the backgrounds while detailed are made sure that backgrounds do not upstage characters.

"Is their story and world real? Is it fake? That's up to the viewer to decide."

Styling Choice

The brush-work style represent the cloudy judgement, bias and foggy memory when a character narrates their story in first person. This set up makes the viewer distrust the cast, even the very environment that the game takes place in.

Fan Art!

I painted Siwon, one of the lead characters in the game as a gift for the team!

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